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Train and Play: 

Our Train and Play sessions will provide  instruction, feedback, and repetitions which is important for developing strong habits and techniques. We will review 2 skills in the first 50 minutes of the training session which is designed to give athletes lots of repetitions in a short amount of time. Then the athletes will have a 15 minute snack break, and be broken into teams to compete for the remaining portion of the session. 



The Starlites is a developmental program designed to introduce the sport of volleyball in a fun and interesting way. The Starlites Program is also designed for athletes to play, have fun, and experience success from the beginning. The league will feature 5 weeks of training and 1 week of competitive play. Athletes will work with our coaches to develop and practice their skills. 

Kids Court

Appropriate for Ages: Ages 3-9




  • 45-minute sessions for 5-6 weeks (length depends on the time of year)
  • Offered year round
  • Players will learn both general and volleyball specific athletic movement.
  • Kids Court athletes will learn throwing and running mechanics, spatial awareness, social and listening skills, and be introduced to volleyball in a fun and exciting way!

Skill School

Appropriate for Ages: 3-9

Skill Schools are a chance to work on individual technique and receive quality repetitions and feedback. The schools are ran by a Skyline Director and athletes can progress up over the series (Attacking 101 to 201).
Skyline Academy Mini Club Photo

Mini Club

Appropriate for Ages: 4th - 8th grade


  • Offered in the Fall, Winter, and Spring
  • 8 Week League
  • 1st Week is a tryout for team placement and athletes are then placed on teams for the remainder of the league
  • Practices will be 1.5 hours per week
  • Includes 3 tournaments held at the Skyline Prep Academy facility
  • Athletes will receive a jersey, spandex, knee pads, and a bag

Middle School League

Appropriate for Ages: Middle School

  • Offered year-round
  • 2 hours per week for 6 weeks
  • This league is geared toward the middle school athlete that wants to improve their skills and train using Skyline techniques
  • Middle School League offers both individual skill development and live play drills
Skyline Academy Middle School League

9th Grade League

Appropriate for ages: 9th grade

  • Offered year-round
  • 1.5-2 hours per week for 6 weeks
  • This league is geared toward the athlete entering 9th grade that wants to improve their skills and train using Skyline techniques
  • The league offers both individual skill development and live play drills
Skyline Academy Wall Setting Drill Photo

Camps & Clinics

Appropriate for ages: All (variety)


  • Training opportunities offered year-round
  • 1-3 hour sessions depending on the event
  • Designed to reinforce individual skill development and enhance each athlete’s volleyball knowledge

Small Group Lessons

Appropriate for ages: All (variety)

  • 75 minute sessions for beginner and intermediate athletes
  • No more than 12 athletes in each lesson, which is the optimal training environment for players who are newer to volleyball. There will be 2 coaches if there are 9 or more athletes to ensure adequate feedback.
  • Athletes will register and pay online in advance for their desired lesson (ex: Passing and Serving with Brenden)
  • Athletes will arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of their lesson to get checked in.
  • Once the lesson begins, the coach (or coaches) will provide quality instruction and feedback for individual skill development
    Skyline Academy Small Group Lessons
    Skyline Academy Stars Camp Photo

    Advanced Lessons

    Appropriate for ages: All (variety)

    • 1 hour sessions for advanced athletes (at least 1 year of club experience)
    • Open to all advanced athletes (regardless of club affiliation)
    • 1-4 athletes in a lesson
    • Advanced lessons are a request and confirmation system
    • Athletes will request a specific date and time
    • The lesson will show as “Pending” until 1-3 days in advance of the lesson
    • Please do not go to the gym until the lesson has been confirmed
    • Lesson groups are formed based on a combination of desired lesson focus, age, experience, etc. for the appropriate learning environment
    • Payment is made directly to the coach at the conclusion of the lesson with the pay scale below
      • 1 Athlete – $70
      • 2 Athletes – $55 each
      • 3 Athletes – $45 each
      • 4 Athletes – $35 each
      Skyline Academy Individual Volleyball LEssons
      Skyline Academy Small Group Lessons

      Please contact for any additional information.